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Lawn Mowing That Works With Your Schedule & Your Yard

Lawn Mowing

As busy as we've become in this day and age, it's a comfort to know a professional lawn care company like Outdoor Works is at your disposal. Winder homeowners and commercial property owners who enlist our lawn mowing services can concentrate on their personal and business endeavors while we tend to your lawn.

Our lawn mowing team will work with you to schedule regular service if that's what works best for you. You need not be present when we mow as our professionals are trusted and reliable. You can be certain the job will be done right.

Lawn mowing involves more than just firing up the engine and clipping the grass. Because we provide premier lawn care for Winder homeowners and business owners, we take great care before, during, and after we mow the grass.

This means we do the following:

  • Remove twigs and other debris before mowing
  • Watch for soft spots on the lawn while mowing
  • Vary the lines that result from mowing
  • Remove clippings upon completion

One-Time & Recurring Grass Cutting Options Available

If you're headed out on vacation or have a specific lawn care need, Outdoor Works can handle that for you. Lawn mowing can be a one-time service or, in many cases, this one-time service leads to a long-term business relationship between you and us.

We work with customers to ensure they are getting exactly what they pay for -- and then some. Property owners will benefit from our lawn mowing services by signing on with the premier lawn care company in the Winder area.

If you require mowing one time or are interested in long-term service, or any of our other lawn care services, don't delay. Call Outdoor Works today at 770-601-5642.

Preparing The Soil Before Mowing Is Key

Another aspect of lawn care is lawn aeration, which usually is performed once a year and allows the soil to "breathe" as it settles and allows the roots and grass to grow. This process involves utilizing a piece of equipment that punches small holes in the turf without causing any damage whatsoever to an existing grassy area.

After fertilizer is applied and the growing season is well underway, mowing will follow. A plush, green lawn requires a professional touch to keep it healthy, and our mowers take great pride in actually manicuring large and small plots as well as the all-important edges.

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